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Tianjin Hanyang metal equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the small town of Jinnan Huangtai Industrial Park in Tianjin City, the registered capital of 180 million yuan, 200 million yuan in fixed assets, is a company with A1, A2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, ASME "U" stamp qualification, the EU PED directive CE certification product qualification and A1, A2 pressure vessel design qualification and has the right of exporting enterprises.
The company mainly for the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, water treatment and other industries, with pressure vessel by stainless steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel and other materials including the ability of low temperature steel pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactor, tower equipment manufacturing, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and SINOCHEM chemical group and other units of qualified supplier member.
After years of rapid development and technology improvement, at present, the company covers an area of 80 acres (53280 square meters), the building area of 28240 square meters, has five main workshop and the supporting facilities.
Among them, the heavy riveting workshop of 5265 square meters, with two layers of crane, 10t, 32t, 75t crane equipped with a total of 8 units, the maximum lifting capacity of 150t, the lifting height is 18m; light riveting workshop of 4680 square meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 40t, the lifting height is 12m; independent stainless steel workshop of 4680 square meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 40t and the lifting height is 12m; with material and large plant material storage warehouse 4680 square meters each turn. In order to meet the needs of pressure vessel production, testing and inspection, the workshop with large heat treatment furnace 15000mm x 4500mm x a 4000mm; painting among a large 24000mm x 8000mm; X 5000mm inspection room a, testing the maximum thickness is 100mm; large machine, the maximum thickness of cold rolled 80mm; large vertical lathe processing. The diameter of 5000mm; also equipped with high-speed cold CNC drilling machine, tube plate heat exchanger is processed by digital cutting machine (flame and plasma) and a large number of special equipment; also equipped with nondestructive testing chamber, chemical analysis laboratory, mechanical properties test chamber, welding test chamber and staff training center. We sincerely welcome the customers to visit the guidance.