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Our Customers

  My company's long-term customers at home and abroad with China petroleum & chemical co., LTD., tianjin branch, China tianchen chemical engineering company, offshore oil engineering co., LTD., Roy thermal engineering co., LTD., the lower machinery co., LTD, China petrochemical engineering construction company, sinopec luoyang petrochemical engineering company, the American pioneer group, tianjin chemical engineering design institute, China national bluestar (group) corporation, ck/walker teck heat treatment equipment manufacturing (tianjin) co., LTD., jiangsu sheng appropriate environmental protection technology co., LTD., the engineering company of China, the emperor's gain full south treasure (China) co., LTD., Taiwan Chemical co., LTD., novozymes China biotechnology co., LTD., and other more than 100, and its designated suppliers.