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Talent idea

"People-oriented, giving full play to talents, renxian with the ability to create and develop" is the talent concept of hanyang company.
According to the development needs of expanding the company's business scale, the comprehensive office of the company has established the corresponding talent training, performance evaluation and incentive mechanism, focusing on the cultivation of compound and high-level management team.
Use your talents:
The company insists on scientific post setting and fair performance evaluation to provide sufficient development space for all kinds of professional and technical personnel.
Ren xianyong
The company pays attention to the structural adjustment of the staff, continuously arouses the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff, takes the moral as the first, and gives full play to their abilities in all aspects. And by helping employees to establish their own career development plans, the personal value of each employee can be maximized.
Creative development:
Talent selection, training and use adhere to innovation, staff adhere to creative work. Through the above steps, the quality of employees has been adapted to the strategic objectives of the enterprise, the company and employees as a whole, in coordination and common development.